As an NAID member, we offer confidential, safe, and secure commercial shredding to help you remain compliant with Illinois’ Personal Information Protection Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other regulations. Keeping your client information secure not only helps protect them from possible identity theft, but it helps maintain their privacy as well.


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Most businesses have many documents with confidential information – from billing and banking to employee and client information. Facing the astronomical fees for improper disposal can be detrimental to any business. Ensuring that all your documents and paperwork are destroyed when disposed is one way to help protect your business and your clients.


With data breaches a common occurrence, securing information is of highest importance for the financial industry. This not only means online, but all printed data. Financial and personal data in the hands of a thief can wreak havoc for your clients. This information in the wrong hands can lead to identity and financial theft. Whether it is bank account information, social security numbers and other personal information, credit card information or history, or other financial records, this information must be destroyed before it is disposed of.


While many industries are entirely digital, the legal field is one that often requires paper copies and hand-written signatures. This means that there are many old files both in legal offices and in the hands of the client that will need to be destroyed once they have been updated or are expired. Making sure that client’s confidentiality is maintained, and their personal information is secure is something that all legal offices are legally obligated to do. This information should be quickly and securely destroyed to protect your clients.


In accordance with HIPAA, all U.S. Medical and healthcare facilities are required to destroy all Protected Health Information upon disposal. To maintain the trust of your patients and to remain compliant with regulations, ensuring that all medical and personal data remains confidential is essential. Shredding records and files helps safeguard the discarded data and keep it confidential.


The public sector is faced with growing volumes of data in both physical and digital formats. Because records are maintained in both, it’s important to consider the information lifecycle. All information has a lifecycle: it’s created, used, stored and accessed, and finally destroyed. Organizations need to maintain a strong lifecycle approach of their physical records. We are here to help keep this transition secure.


Auto dealerships have a variety of information their customers (and potential customers). The data that they maintain includes everything from social security number to income, driver’s licenses, and credit reports. Most dealerships have a pre-established time limit for maintaining the documents and they are then no longer considered viable and are ready for destruction. The best dealerships use a professional and trained document shredding company that makes use of the highest grade shredders to ensure that the documents cannot be pieced together. Shredding helps you protect your customers and your business’s reputation.


As an insurance company or broker, you provide your customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their assets and their lives are protected. Those same customers count on you to keep their personal, private information safe and secure. For insurance companies, keeping information safe and secure is more than a necessity, it’s required. With professional shredding services you can insure that your clients’ information never falls in the wrong hands.


Both adults and children are vulnerable to identity theft if their personal details end up in the wrong hands. While children do not have credit card bills or bank statements, their school and medical documents do contain sensitive information, including their name, social security number, birth date, and address. The best way to protect sensitive paper-based documents is by hiring a professional shredding service.  Expired IEPs, report cards/progress reports, unused medical records, copies of birth certificates, field trip authorization forms and extracurricular activity applications are some of the many documents schools need to protect their students, families, faculty, and staff.


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